Thursday, February 28, 2013


I've been playing Minecraft for a year now, and I just had the opportunity to buy FRAPS for myself. So I've been making some tutorials for redstone contraptions. I recorded them without sound, so I have to get around to actually recording some sound for them or just writing some captions in for them. I'm too lazy, though.

I'd never been on a multiplayer server before, so I decided finally to apply to join one. I played for a few hours. I am never going to play on that server again. It's not that the server was bad; I liked the people, I liked the environment, I loved the plugins.

I got murdered by another player. I had six diamonds, two diamond pickaxes, three iron pickaxes, 20 gold ore (used for money), 16 iron ore, three stacks of coal, three stacks of redstone, five iron swords, a bow, two arrows...gone. Is it understandable that I feel sick right now? I tried to go back because there's a plugin where if you're carrying a chest, your stuff gets dropped in the chest and it has protection for three minutes...The guy was camping my chest, I got blown up by a creeper. Getting there took just less than three minutes, the first time. On the way back the second time, "Your tombstone is no longer protected." Got back, two chests full of his old junk just staring me in the face as if to mock me. Five stone pickaxes, a wooden pickaxe, and just random junk...

I understand that it is a PvP-legal server. I wouldn't have felt so sick if things had gone differently. I was not wearing any armor. I was not on the surface. I was not being bothersome. I was not being obvious. I was in a tunnel, miles from the start of it, mining.

This guy in diamond armor snuck up behind me, from who knows where. He shot me with a poison arrow. And he sat and waited for my death chest to become unprotected.

That guy's an ass.

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